Current Carrying Capacity of ACSR Conductors

ACSR stands for Aluminum Conductor steel reinforced is composed by bare concentric-lay-stranded conductor is made from round aluminum 1350-H19 (extra hard) wires and round zinc-coated or aluminum-coated steel core wire(s) to be used as overhead electrical conductors.
Depending on the dimensions of the conductor, the steel core can be made of one or more wires.

Conduction of ACSR conductor depends on the ambient temperature and quality of aluminium used in the bare conductor as seen in the Aluminium and copper cables.

The current capacity can be calculated by applying the formula

A = πr^2 or A = πd^2/4

Let us take an example of Rabbit ACSR conductor.

It consists of 6 No’s of aluminium strand of diameter 3.35mm and a single strand of steel of diameter 3.35mm.

As aluminium conductor is used to carry the current. Area of the aluminium conductor should be calculated.

A = 3.142 * 1.675 * 1.675= 8.81sqmm

= 8.81 * 6 No. of strands

= 52.89sqmm

Assuming Al conductor carries 3Amps per sqmm

52.89 * 3= 158.67 A

Current carrying capacity of ACSR conductor depends upon following;
1.Cross-sectional area of the conductor
2.Conductor Material
3.Surrounding temperature (Ambient temp.) of conductor used in transmission line
4.Age of the conductor

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